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About GovStrat

Governance, Development, and Competitiveness Consultants and Learning Facilitators

GovStrat Limited is a registered Jamaican Management Consulting and Learning Facilitation outfit founded in 2003 by Dr. Vindel Kerr, Corporate Governance & Strategic Planning Consultant. GovStrat has pioneered the training and development of Caribbean Board of Directors and Senior Executives in Effective Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning, Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Control, Managing Corporate Reputation and Brands, and Performance Management.

In addition, GovStrat has also facilitated many learning workshops in Transformational Leadership and Change Management. GovStrat is the leader in providing evaluation of corporate governance practices in organizations, the training of Board of Directors and Officers, the development and implementation of Strategic Plans, Corporate Governance Principles and Practices Manuals, and Codes of Ethics and Business Conduct for Caribbean public and private sector firms.

GovStrat has also been involved in business restructuring, the conduct of management audits, public sector modernization, and business development activities. Since its establishment, GovStrat has provided executive learning, management consulting, and advisory services that have benefitted more than 250 private sector and governmental organizations and more than 4,000 members of Boards of Directors, senior executives, and Government ministers in 20 Caribbean, South American, and African Countries. In addition to our advertised executive learning sessions, GovStrat has done a significant number of customized (in-house) sessions (one-hour, two-hour, half-day, one-day, and two-day) in all areas of our learning portfolio, and at the convenience (timing, location, content, etc) of our clients. GovStrat stands ready to design and deliver appropriate learning events to the convenience of your Board of Directors, management team, and employees.