Board Performance Evaluation

Several national, regional and multi-national corporate governance best practice codes have recommended that every board should be evaluated at least once annually.

GovStrat is a Caribbean and emerging market leader in improving the effectiveness of corporate Boards. We provide board evaluation training, assessments and metrics that:

  • benchmark board practices against best-in-class at sectoral, national and global performance standards based on the nature of business and legal framework of each entity;
  • assess the diversity of knowledge, skills, experience and competencies among board members to ensure a balanced and effective board;
  • identify and leverage attributes and strengths required for any new and future appointment to the board;
  • consider the effectiveness, soundness and value-added of the board’s decision making processes;
  • acknowledge, reward and recognise the Board’s annual performance;
  • performance diagnostics that review structures, practices, procedures and processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness and value-added of each Director and senior officer;

GovStrat provided Board evaluation services are provided to:

  • Public Bodies (SOEs, Statutory Bodies, Commissions, Authorities, inter alia)
  • Regulatory and Public Utility Companies
  • Listed companies (Multi-domestic and International)
  • Private and Closely-held Family Businesses
  • Banks and other Financial Institutions
  • Trust Funds and Pension Funds, inter alia
  • Not-for-profit organisations and the realm of NGOs
  • Professional and other membership organisations

Our evaluation tools and frameworks are used to evaluate the Board as a whole, the Chairman, Individual Directors and entire Board Committee structures.

To discuss Board Evaluation Services for your Board or organisation, please contact GovStrat Limited on 1 (876) 324-0606 or 1 (868) 791-9612 or email us: [email protected].