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Effective Corporate Governance: An Emerging Market (Caribbean) Perspective on Governing Corporations in a Disparate World
by Vindel Kerr
Foreword: Douglas Orane

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“Vindel Kerr has produced a book that should be in every corporate boardroom, as well as on the bookshelves of both public and private sector leaders.”

Dr. Alfred Sangster

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“This book is full of clear examination, practical advice and concrete tools for a range of private and public-sector professionals. In the stem-winding tradition of Max Weber’s cautionary promotion of bureaucracy and Parson’s smuggled concern for institutional equilibrium, Effective Corporate Governance is an indispensable educational, scholarly and practitioner resource that should guide researchers, change agents and policy-makers for the next decade”

James R. Bailey (Ph.D. Washington University)

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“Those interested in fostering change in transformational economies, directors operating closely held companies, regulators searching for an understanding of the potential effects of good government on economic development, and students learning the applied case method will discover a gem in this book.”

Debra R. Sheldon,
Professor, School of Business,
The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

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