Arlene McComie


Mrs Mc Comie is senior civil servant (retired) with nearly thirty (30) years’ experience spanning the private and public sectors with nearly half of this period spanned various capacities within the Trinidad and Tobago Public Service. Mrs. Mc Commie has served for 14 years as a Permanent Secretary and Deputy Permanent Secretary in various Ministries. She is highly experienced in designing and delivering human capacity development interventions for Permanent Secretaries and Deputy Permanent Secretaries, specifically in relationship building and public policy planning and implementation; and in coaching, guiding, settling government in transition. Mrs. Mc Commie since retirement has been actively engaged in lecturing graduate students at the Arthur Lok Jack Business School, Trinidad and Tobago in innovation, governance, public policy and leadership. Some of her key engagements include, inter alia:

  • Managed programmes, projects and training pertinent to non-reimbursable technical co-operation offered by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago form multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors.
  • Formulated, researched and coordinated functional activities toward the establishment of the Human Resource Management Unit in the Ministry of Finance, including Performance Management and Strategic Planning.
  • Established and managed the Human Resource Management Unit in the Ministry of National Security.
  • Worked assiduously with HR to attract and retain the best talent for the position, especially for senior management.
  • Successfully initiated and transformed the Personnel Unit of the Ministry of National Security into a functional Human Resource Management Unit.
  • Brought to fruition the building of a database and the computerization of the Social Welfare Division of the Ministry of Social Development.
  • Established a robust decentralized procurement system in the Ministry of Works and Transport.
  • Lead the preparation of Strategic Plans for the Ministries of Local Government, National Security and Social Services Delivery.
  • Lead the transition of the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) from a one year programming cycle to a three year programming cycle.

Mrs. Mc Commie is the holder of an Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA); Post-graduate Diploma in Human Resources; BBA (Industrial Psychology); BSc (Sociology) and has completed various professional development training in Leadership, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Ethics and Integrity in government and Productivity Management.