GovStrat’s portfolio of learning and development include but not limited to the following eighteen (18) disciplines:

  • Taking and Writing Effective Minutes®
  • Accredited Minute Taking Professional (AMTP) Designation®
  • Learning and Development for Corporate Secretaries and Their Teams®
  • Professionally Accredited Corporate Secretary (PACS) Designation®
  • One-day Masterclass in Corporate Governance Excellence®
  • Professionally Accredited/Chartered Director (PAD/Char. Dir.) Designation®
  • Corporate Governance for Management Officers®
  • Chairmen Exclusive: Governance for the Governors®
  • Managing Corporate Reputation, Image and Identity®
  • Building and Implementing and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System®
  • Strategic and Crisis Communication Management®
  • Strategic Performance Management: Managing for Results®
  • Management Development for Middle Managers, Supervisors and Rising Stars®
  • Executive Strategic Leadership Development®
  • Evidence-based Public Policy Development and Implementation®
  • Credit Administration, Analysis and Collection®
  • Writing Winning Business Plans and Consulting Proposals ®
  • Effective Customer Engagement and Service Delivery®

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